Football Esoterica

The aim for the 'Football Esoterica' collection of shirts is to appeal to the football fan whose taste goes deeper than a players face on a shirt or a logo of a massive team or corporation. This is football through the looking glass. I think the market is saturated with designs that tip toe around a copyright minefield by vaguely alluding to an icon or famous match. I want to fully embrace my creativity and develop shirts that stir the imagination whilst simultaneously keeping football as the main focus. It’s a beautiful game and I want to make beautiful art of it. People have said to me that the average fan won’t know what ‘football esoterica’ is or who would want to wear a bearded lady on their chest? I believe there is a new more erudite breed of football fan that will appreciate these designs and the off kilter subject matter they portray. I aim to cater for those fans. Now the trick is finding them! I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these designs or if you know someone who would like them then please feel free to pass on this link.

The Kalahari shirt is in the process of being made so I'll post pics when I get the finished product.

Thanks :)

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  1. Hey Dan,

    Think your idea for football tees that have more complicated and meaningful (to the specific football fans) illustrations on them is a great idea. Everyone is looking for something unique and original and these sorts of ideas provide that option.

    I'd love for you to make tee-shirts with illustrations surrounding private jokes amongst football clubs, the increased complexity gives the shirts a personal touch that i'm sure many supporters would cherish.

    I look forward to seeing more of your work and when I get the spare cash together, i'll be splashing out on not only a shirt, but an A3 print as well.

    Hari - LFC fan