99 Luftballons

Thought I'd turn my hand to music posters.



I absolutely love everything about this film. Everything.


Boogie Nights

I am a big bright shining star.

The Thing

Another film I love. In doing the poster I wanted to portray the tension and distrust that the presence of the alien creates. Great film, the recent prequel is pretty good too.


Apocalypse now

Apocalypse Now is one of my all time favourite films. I really enjoy the madness that runs the whole way through it. It always reminded me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Both have a surreal nightmare type of feel and are unsettling but manage to be funny and visually beautiful at the same time. My Dad has always shown me surf films since I was small and the screenplay was written by John Milius who also wrote Big Wednesday. Surfing features heavily in the film so I wanted to use a colour scheme that had that feel. My favourite surf film is Endless Summer II so I took the colours from that and set them to work. I feel they convey the tropical claustrophobic heat that is apparent the whole way through the film.

The way I depicted the river is influenced by Willard saying it snaked all the way through Cambodia like a circuit plugged straight into Kurtz, the assassination target he had been set by the military.

I would love some opinions on this as I really love the film. Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year.


Live and Let Die

Will be setting up my Etsy shop soon, so people will finally be able to buy posters from me!


Merry Christmas!

Have a festive season from Footynews!


Mullaghmore Tow in Sessions

There's a lot of tow in surfing where I live. My dad was taking photos of the surf and my mate made this video so I thought I'd do a poster.



EURO 2012 Shirt designs

Of course this is available as a shirt in my online shop or as a poster, just contact me by email for the posters.


Sligo Rovers Shirts/Posters

Available in the online shirt shop or as a poster.

Available in the online shirt shop or as a poster.


Istanbul Shirt

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Alfa Male

This design is available as a shirt or sweatshirt in my shop now.