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I've always absolutely loved the way Beckham strikes the ball. I know Ronaldo and Juninho score and scored a lot of amazing freekicks, but I could never appreciate the way they hit the ball. Beckhams execution is art.

Idea from @Dunner3

Cheers boi


A Character

Another quick piece. Who is it?

The Winger

A quick practice piece. Been thinking of doing a detailed work with Ribery as the main subject.


Re-worked Crest: FCB

I might rework a few football club crests in a manner very different to the usual. Here's Barcelona...

With this I wanted to get the feel of their football and image across. Lots of colour like the stadium at full capacity, it's gets a big top type of carnival feel. Fun and energy.

Would love to know what people think...

New way to photoshop...

Thoughts wanted...

Stick a comment with what you think...anything at all

Because we don't laugh at Barcelona enough...



Tried a few caricatures...guesses as to who they are on a postcard :)

As usual, RT's and opinions appreciated!



I've been studying the work of Crisvector for a long time and decided to take a whack at his style of vector cross hatching. This is a quick piece I tried. I'm working on a job where I can only use black and white imagery so I need to get good at this type of stuff. Opinions and RT's appreciated as always.

Oh, can you tell who is it?


La Liga

I wanted to convey certain aspects of La Liga such as the late kick off times, and the slower pace which allows players to get their foot on the ball, their head up, and have a think.

Opinions and RT's appreciated.

This piece was inspired by the work of Pablo Lobato.


Xavi Hernandez

This is available as a print here.

This accompanying poem is entitled 'Playmaker'. I wrote it a few months ago. Would love peoples opinions on it.