St. Guardiola

St. Guardiola

This is my tribute to Guardiola's time in charge of Barca. It meant a lot to me because his squad were the catalyst for Backpage Press approaching Graham Hunter to write a book on the Barca squad at the time. Graham in turn asked if I would provide illustrations, which was a big step forward for me in my pursuit of a career in illustration.

Guardiola himself has a saintly quality which is amplified by the presence of the malevolent Mourinho. As a coach he seemed to be sent straight from some footballing heaven and it is there to which he flies in this piece. He will descend again some day soon to bestow his unique knowledge and implementation on another lucky team.

Good luck Pep!


  1. Loving your work bud, really stylish! I looked through quite a few pages and was hoping to find some Zidane stuff, did I miss it or is he not a player you like to draw?

    1. First off, thanks for the kind comment. As for Zidane, I've never gotten round to doing anything with him! I definitely will though.

    2. I was convinced the next page would have one of Zizou, I got almost to the end of the blog and thought I must've skipped a page by mistake! (you obviously like Xavi and Ronaldinho a lot, I guessed you'd probably be a fan of his too). I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your updates and hope to see one of 'The Great Man' if you get around to it. Top class pal :)