Rome 84

I'm mulling over a series of 5 pieces that each commemorate the different European Cup wins. In each there will be an artefact synonymous with the city the trophy was won in. This is my idea for Rome 84.

Would welcome any comments, opinions, RT's or ideas.

If anyone is interested in this as a print mail me at: theblastedfrench @ gmail . com


  1. DO THE 5 Pieces, just do more Liverpool posters full stop in the Mould of the 'always looking for spaces', 'Bicycle Kick' and 'Mezut Ozil' posters.

    Players of note to do further would be Suarez, Lucas and Pepe Reina. More posters of Messi and Xabi Alonso would be brilliant, as would a poster for Liverpool hero Sami Hyypia.


    P.S. I'm looking to buy around 5 posters off you for my work office, if you make some more LFC ones, or Messi/Alonso/Hyypia ones, then I will probably buy several, along with the 5 times poster you've already made, and possible the El Pistelero and Always looking for spaces poster, so I ain't just a looker.

  2. Also an Andy Carroll one would be good, but not in the style of the already existing carroll one.