Video Game Icons

Just a few quick pieces of some of my favourite video game icons. If you can guess them all, stick them in a comment...cheers!

Mewtwo. More in common with Frankenstein's monster than I first realised!

Water, Plant, Fire hazard next 3km.

You mean....Metal gear?!

Danger! High Voltage

You all know he rocks.


  1. Bottom right, George Stobart's hair from Broken Sword? Nobody i know has ever even heard of that game. Brilliant it was. Good times playing on that when i was younger.

    These are good btw.

    1. Two b's two t's. stobbart. the games are on iphone now and they have EXTRA locations!!!!!

      Thanks for looking :)

    2. shit, no good at sepelling. Yeah, ive got the first one but not had chance to have a proper go at it.

  2. Mario, Pikachu, Super Saiyan Goku, Sonic and Link are the ones I recognised!

  3. mario, pikacu, kingdom heart, snake metal gear solid, sonic, halflife, zelda, ash pokemon, monkey island i guess

  4. The first picture:
    Mario (Super Mario Bros.), Pikachu (Pokémon *game*), Cloud (FFVII), Old Snake (MGSIV), Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog), Gordon (Half Life), Toon Link (TLOZ: Wind Waker), Ash Ketchum (Pokémon *anime/cartoon*), I don't know who or where the last one is from. XD