Pessimistic Venn Diagrams

Football fans are great at extremes. Twitter has been an interesting place of late what with the opinions flying around. As a Liverpool fan my timeline is generally LFC centred. There was the Suarez case, Stewart Downing getting arrested and now the kneejerk reactions of the last two games. Add to that the unsparkling form of the summer signings and you have a recipe for some mad debate.

One thing I've noticed is how quickly people get shouted down if they have an opinion that differs from the group. This series is dedicated to airing the views no one is allowed to on Twitter. It's not exclusively LFC however Big Andy does has the privilege of being number one.

Poor Andy Carroll. Professional sport is one of the only arenas where people change job for insane amounts of money at a whim all under the gaze of the public eye. The resultant pressure to live up to the pricetag is alien and unnatural. No person on Earth is worth £35 million and if there are people who are worth that, they most certainly do more important things than hoof footballs around. 

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