Change of Focus

I am in the middle of setting up an actual Footynews website so while that is happening I will be posting new artwork on my tumblr and giving this blog a break.

Hope to see you on my tumblr!



Stevie G's Big Toe

After reading Steven Gerrard’s autobiography, the story that stuck with me the most was where he nearly lost his big toe after looking for a lost ball in some long grass. A rusty old garden fork stuck straight into his toe and he nearly had to have it amputated. His whole career basically hinged on that moment. I wanted to show that even the smallest of obstacles can have the biggest of repercussions. I hope you enjoy this! Please spread it around! :D


Hard Work

Iniesta is my favourite player. I’ve wanted to go back to doing comics for a long time and this just seemed to fit. Would love feedback on it! Spread it around! :D


Football Crow

Football Crow! He scores when he wants!